Companies can set up programs and keep $ 5.00 per sale!!

Use these funds for your programs or your favorite charity. 

Dennis Yarmouth DolphinsIf you run a pet store, animal hospital, humane society, or kennel, then we have a deal for you. Give your clients something special to remember their pets with and earn a little extra profit for your organization by offering engraved memorial bricks and other engraved products from Pet Brick of Bow, New Hampshire.

You can charge your customers the same amount that we do here on our site ($ 25.00 for 4 or more).To make it worth your while, we will let you keep $ 5.00 from each brick you sell!! You would sell the engravings, collect the money and then order from us at the discounted prices. (We accept orders of 5 engravings at a time, please.) We produce and ship them to you at no additional cost all for $ 20.00 each. We will also give you tools to help you set the program up!

Getting Started

Community Nursery SchoolCall us today to set up an account, or email us ay Orders can be purchased via a check, PayPal™ or credit card. Once you sign up, we are more than happy to create one or two samples with your organization’s name and/or logo on them for a display at your office.

Housing LogoAlternatively, you can set up an account online at Click on the Client Log-In button, enter your organization and contact information, and click on "Start a New Campaign." Here you can upload a logo and set up your personalized landing page at This way you can order the engravings, or you could set it up so your customers can order bricks online themselves.

Contact us at (877) 633-4022 in Bow, New Hampshire, to offer high-quality remembrance gifts to your clients.